Built-In Kitchen Sink

Smeg Vz57n Built-in Synthetic Bath Kitchen Sink, Black, 57cm

Smeg Vz57n Built-in Synthetic Bath Kitchen Sink, Black, 57cm

Smeg Vz57n Built-in Synthetic Bath Kitchen Sink, Black, 57cm   Smeg Vz57n Built-in Synthetic Bath Kitchen Sink, Black, 57cm
Smeg vz57n kitchen sink recessed synthetic bathtub, black, 57 cm. This product page has been automatically translated.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Your satisfaction is our pride in that we always pay attention to all your requests and comments. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service or by mail ...

You will immediately receive an answer. Smeg vz57n kitchen sink built-in bathtub, black, 57 cm. Built-in synthetic bathtub, black, 57 cm. Bowl size: 50 cm, bowl depth: 21 cm.

Can be inserted into the base of 60 cm. Equipment: overflow, 3 ½ waste, seals, clamps and siphon with dishwasher connection. Nb: mixer on request, consult the "mixer" offer. Overall dimensions l 570 x d 500 mm. Recessed hole W 550 x D 500 mm. Manufacturer-warranty conditions valid for smeg appliances installed in italy 1 this device is warranted by smeg s. For a period of 24 months from the date on which the first user made purchase.

The user who wants to make use of the guarantee offered by smeg s. Must submit this document, as well as this booklet for technical staff who will check regularly. 2 the warranty covers replacements or repairs due to manufacturing defects or lack of conformity with regard to the characteristics of the product, as stated in the accompanying documents, present at the time of purchase. 3 are not covered by warranty claims for defects due to misuse, negligence or carelessness, misuse, especially domestic use, failure to follow these instructions when using the appliance, repairs with non-original spare parts by unauthorized smeg personnel or circumstances which, however, can not be traced to any manufacturing defect of the device.

Without prejudice to the rights available to the user against the seller, its direct contracting party, in accordance with Directive 1999/44 / EC and its transposition decree, are also excluded from this warranty installation interventions, connection to the power supply and discharge, prepare the conditions of use and maintenance indicated in the instruction booklet; are not, finally, out of warranty all parts subject to wear with normal use such as, but not limited to, grilles, burner cap, gaskets, light bulbs, handles, knobs, removable parts, etc. Of smeg declines any liability for any damage that can not directly or indirectly to persons, objects and pets due to non-compliance with all indications in the instruction manual, mainly, warnings for the installation, use and maintenance of the device . 5 warranty repairs do not result in extensions or renewals of warranty. Gently before buying please contact us for availability. The amount available in the advertisement is only indicative and not real.

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If the item is used, damaged or incomplete the cover is valid at our sole discretion. The "100% refunded" guarantee applies to all Italian customers, with and without vat. Ten years after the 10 days following receipt of the product. Nest is not valid if the buyer does not receive the product (does not cover then loss).

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Put 3 represents a serious impairment and will result in loss of activity. Warranty: all products sold in stores of p. Are covered by the warranty for 24 months in Italian. Return: If the item will be delivered to us within 10 days or ruined receives failure, replace it with the same product and return it intact in its entirety (receipt photocopy, original box, instructions and all that was originally in the package ). Aso for refund in exchange for the refund must be provided the original receipt, no, you will not be eligible for a refund.

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Your satisfaction is our pride. That's why we are always attentive to all your requests and comments. Customer Service Monday to Friday 09:00 / 13:00 16:00 / 19:00. The item "smeg vz57n kitchen sink built-in synthetic bathtub, black, 57 cm" is on sale since Friday, June 14, 2019. It is in the category "do-it-yourself \ plumbing, sanitary \ plumbing, faucet".Shop" and is located in / in montesilvano. This item can be shipped to the following countries: france, united kingdom, germany, italy, spain, belgium.
  1. brand: smeg
  2. ean: 8017709183363
  3. manufacturer part number: not applicable

Smeg Vz57n Built-in Synthetic Bath Kitchen Sink, Black, 57cm   Smeg Vz57n Built-in Synthetic Bath Kitchen Sink, Black, 57cm